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At Bangor Savings Bank, you matter more.

We've been living and working alongside the people of Maine for over 165 years. Longer than any other bank in Maine. In that time, we've learned to believe in the innate ability of the people of Maine to achieve their goals and dreams.

It’s why we invest in Maine’s communities and its people as often and at as many levels as we can--from building ball parks for kids to giving significant grants to help local organizations energize and enhance the quality of life for Maine citizens.

It’s why we whole-heartedly support the entrepreneurial spirit of Maine with products and services that meet the unique and changing needs of Maine entrepreneurs. It’s why, in short, we give you everything you need to succeed. Because we know that you will.

Be Heard!

We are constantly striving to provide the highest level of customer experience. Hearing directly from our customers inspires us to work even harder to be our best. Your feedback matters.

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Online Security Center

We believe in helping our customers learn the best ways to protect themselves against ID theft and electronic fraud.

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At Bangor Savings Bank, as we invest in the people and communities throughout Maine, we’d like to share the stories of our successes and our challenges.

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Career Opportunities

Headquartered in Bangor, Maine, and serving the entire state, we are looking for people who passionately care about their customers and the service they provide.

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Numbers and addresses for our Customer Care Center and all our divisions.

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