Trusteer's Rapport

Protecting your online banking sessions.

Trusteer’s Rapport is a browser plug-in that provides online identity theft and online transaction protection from high risk financial malware*. Rapport is free to you and entirely transparent. It does not require you to change the way you work or sign in; you simply install and browse safely.

Download Download Rapport 

Save the installation file to your computer, launch the program,
and follow the on screen instructions.

Rapport will alert you if you’ve become infected with high risk financial malware and, at your discretion, will isolate and remove the financial malware from your computer. Additional protection is provided for Bangor Online Banking, where Rapport alerts you if you’ve arrived at a phished version of the site - a fraudulent site made to look genuine but designed to steal your personal and financial information.

How Rapport Works

When you connect to your online banking, Rapport does three main things in the background:

  1. Rapport verifies that you are connected to the genuine Bangor Online website as opposed to a fake website, because it’s not always obvious that you’ve reached a genuine website when you click on a link or type an address into your web browser.
  2. Once verification is complete Rapport locks down communication between your computer and Bangor Online. This prevents your connection to online banking from being hijacked.
  3. Rapport protects your computer and internet connection by creating “a tunnel” for safe communication with Bangor Online, preventing criminals from using malware* to steal your log-in data or tamper with transactions.

24 Hour Support

Trusteer provides 24 hour support for Rapport though live chat, email, or you can report a problem through the Rapport software.

To learn more about how Rapport works to protect you, as well as for installation instructions and system requirements, visit Trusteer’s page on Rapport for Bangor Savings Bank.

* Rapport is specifically designed to protect against high risk financial “malware”, malicious software designed to steal personal, login, and account information.

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